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Four Companies

Four States


See the upcoming events for this year's campaign. We love to see new faces, let us know if you're interested!

The 6th U.S. Infantry

The 6th US boasts a rich history of bravery and patriotism during the Civil War.

Equipment Needs and Standards

We strive to portray the U.S. Regulars the best way we can, while leaving room for others to join and learn as we have.

The Regiment Structure

The 6th is broken down into its regional companies, each with their regional commander. Find yours now!

Capt. Erik Hollaway

Commanding Officer

Are you interested in doing a unique hobby that is full of fun, family, action and character?  Do you enjoy the outdoors, drill and ceremony, camping, and eating over an open fire?


Come join the fun with us.


We are a family oriented organization looking for individuals, families, or anyone wanting to be a part of this exciting hobby.

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