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Organization of the 6th U.S.

The 6th is divided into four companies, a C1ivilian Corps, and the Command Staff. Command Staff manages the groups greater financial and organizational details while leaving great autonomy for each company to plan and host their own events. The Civilian Corps is for family members and friends that wish to focus on the cultural and social aspects of the civil war era; they typically organize an annual ball for the whole group. Bellow are links to each company's dedicated page, and the button links to the Civilian Corps page. After exploring each unit bellow, click 'Enlist Today' at the top of the page to join the 6th U.S.!

The Units of the 6th U.S.

Company C

Company C was the first group of the 6th U.S. Primarily based in Colorado and Wyoming. It is commanded by Lieutenant Connor Cheadle who took over after Captain Halloway moved to Texas. Help keep Colorado reenacting alive, join Company C!

Company D

Company D is one of the newest Companies in the Regiment. Based primarily in Texas, it is commanded by Captain Erik Halloway. If you live in Texas, become a founding member of Company D today!

Company H
New Hampshire

Company H is the newest Company in the 6th, and is based in New Hampshire. Commanded by James Allen, they are looking for ecstatic new member to fill their beginning ranks.

Company B

Company B is based in Wyoming and Commanded by Nick Scaliski.  Join us today and help be a founding member for the Wyoming Company.

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