Equipment for a New Recruit


Here is a list of equipment that a reenactor may need.  There are many suppliers out there and many of them offer packages to get these items in one sloop for great prices.  You can contact us for specific suppliers we work with.  The page is broken up into two groups: the necessary items to take the field, and the optional items.  We also have lots of loaner gear available on a first come basis that is available to anyone that needs it.


1. Kepi or forage cap

2. white cotton or muslin shirt (  it is always best to have at least two as we tend to sweat and it is nice to have a fresh shirt in the mornings)

3. suspenders (usually plain white but there were more fashionable ones during that time)

4. Dark Blue sack coat (4 button type, no color trim)

5. light blue pants (also known as Kersey blues, dark blue is for regular army 1858-1863) either is fine for our purposes.

6. cotton or wool socks

7. Brogans (frontier duty saw a more variety of boots, but mostly guys wore these)

8. Infantry Horn, company letter, and regiment number (brass hardware for the hat)

9. black leather belt with "US" belt buckle (may want to get a "keeper", some give them, other suppliers don't)

10. Black Leather haversack

11. black leather cartridge box and sling

12. black leather bayonet frog (either Enfield type or Springfield type, depends on what musket you get)

13. large canteen with dark blue wool cover and white stripe (here if you want to go for a different version its fine)

14. Musket (popular choices include: Springfield models 1842, 1855, 1861, 1863 or Enfield model 1853 - all muskets must be three band)

15. cap pouch

16. cartridge box plate

17. eagle breast plate


Optional Items

1. Great coat - light blue

2. wool blankets (grey/brown/tan/ect.)

3. dark blue vest

4. A-tent or dog/pup tent (two pup tents makes one tent for two soldiers, each soldier would have one half)

5. black leather knapsack

6. soldiers mess kit (period forks, knives, spoons, plates)

7. Frock coat (dress coat)

8. Hardee hat with letter, number and horn with feather and badge

9. Dark blue trousers (or light blue, its great to have both)

10. Brass shoulder scales - infantry version


Any questions about anything on this list, please get ahold of us and we will get you straightend out.


This list will be updated as necessary.

We have lots of loaner gear, just ask us to borrow!



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