Calendar: 2022 Campaign

Here is this year's list of events the 6th will be taking part in.  Carpools and loaner gear are available upon request.

This list will be updated as new events come up so check back often and stay in touch with your company.

​Our members participate in many events every year all over the country.  In the region our main group events are listed below and we are always adding more. Events on the list are in Colorado unless otherwise indicated.

Company B - Wyoming

1.  June 10-11 - Honor guard for the Casper WY run and history days at the Historic Trail Center

2. July 22-24 - Platte River Station (Casper Collins Fight), Casper, WY

Company C - Colorado

DRILL DATES: Feb 12, Mar 5, June 4, Aug 6, Sept 3, Oct 8 ... 2 p.m. location TBD

1. March - St Patrick's Day Parade TBD

2. April 1-3 - road trip to Shiloh details TBD (contact Erik), TN

3. May 6-8 - Fort Lupton Heritage Festival, Fort Lupton, CO

4. June 10-12 - TBD
5. July parade TBD

6. July 15-17 - Golden Bell Civil War Tactical, Divide

7. August 13-14 - Fort Larned Living History Immersion Weekend, Larned, KS

8. September 16-18 - Battle of Beecher Island Battle Reenactment, Wray, CO

8. October - TBD

9. November - Veterans Day Parade, TBD, Denver, CO

Company D - Texas

1. April 3, Battle of Shiloh Reenactment, TN

2. May 28-29 - Civil War Train Battle, Jefferson, TX

3. June 10-12 - Fort Larned Living History Immersion Weekend, Larned, KS

4. November 20-21 - Texas Military Museum, Austin, TX

*All events are in Colorado unless otherwise noted.