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Calendar: 2023 Campaign

Here is the list of events the 6th will be taking part in.  Carpools and loaner gear are available upon request.

This list will be updated as new events come up so check back often and stay in touch with your company.

​Our members participate in many events every year all over the country.  In the region our main group events are listed below and we are always adding more.

Check with your squad leader for scheduled drill dates.

-March 4: REQUIRED drill for Company C members. 2 p.m. Pay dues at this event.

-March 11-12:  Battle of Cabin Creek Reenactment, portraying Union
-April 28-29:  Bird City, KS military timeline, portraying Confederate
-May 26-28:  Fort Larned annual encampment, portraying US post-war (1866)
-June 30 - July 2: Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment, portraying Union
-July 4: Odessa, TX Fourth of July Parade (Company D)
-August: TBD Gold Rush Days

-Sept 8-10, Scots-Irish festival, Estes Park, Union or Rev War impression
-September 15-17:  Battle of Beecher Island Event, portraying both
-October 14-15:  Civil War Reenactment at Mexia, TX, portraying unknown
-October 27-29:  Horsehead Creek TX Living History Days
-November 4-5:  Battle of Honey Springs Reenactment, portraying Confederate
-December 2-3: Fort Concho, TX Annual Living History Event (Company D) 

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